3 Things You Have To Know When Buying Stand Up Paddle Boards


Choosing the right stand up paddle board or simply known as SUP can be a difficult task at first look. It doesn't even help to know that there are plenty of choices in the market. What's more interesting is the fact that most of the models looks almost the same.


With this being said, choosing the right SUP Just Paddleboard must be done after considering several important factors and even nuances. Knowing these things are important as it will affect your decision. All should be considered so yes, finalizing on which one to buy can be both overwhelming and confusing. The good thing is, I have listed several tips in the next paragraphs, which will help you make the entire process much easier.


Tip #1. While you are looking for a SUP board, one of the important factors you should not take for granted is its dimensions. Meaning, you must get its length, board thickness and width. The paddlers who plan to buy a paddle board has to bear in mind the water conditions, their workout goals, physical attributes and also, mode of use. The paddler's height, skill level as well as weight contributes to which paddle board must be bought as well.


Take into mind that longer boards are more stable especially when you are paddling in straight course. Maneuvering as well as turning increases its difficulty with the board's length. For smaller paddleboards, it have lower volume and less footprints, which makes it more desirable for professional and experienced paddlers.


Tip #2. The high performance boards from JustPaddleboard's top iSUPs typically are 10 feet long or less. Normally, this is the perfect choice for those who have plans of using their stand up paddle board for wave surfing. Shorter boards on the other hand come with less width, length and displacement, making it the perfect choice for surfing as it has improved maneuverability as well as faster performance. Moreover, you should know that smaller SUPs should be avoided because its speed, maneuverability and control may be loose.


Tip #3. Flat water style boards are great for those who simply want to paddle on calm bodies of water like rivers or lakes. There are growing number of riders who are utilizing SUP boards for different recreational purposes like fishing, exercise and yoga whether you believe it or not. The bigger boards used on flat water conditions are capable of delivering stable riding experience for many different activities. You should also go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/stand-up-paddle-boarding/ for more ideas and information.